About us

About Estivo

Estivo is a young company that is active in woodworking, furniture production and furnishing projects. The company has grown considerably since it was founded in 2009. Estivo can now boast of being one of the largest companies active in woodworking (coating/sanding) and the production of wooden furniture in the Netherlands. Did you know that the Estivo team produces as many as 2,000 items of furniture and processes 250,000 linear metres in wooden boards per month?

Over fifty passionate employees at two locations are designing and producing new furniture lines and wood concepts every day, which are welcomed with enthusiasm by our customers.

You can find our wood products at nearly every national hardware chain, professional wood wholesalers and various garden centres. Our furniture is sold at well-known home and furniture shops and, of course, over the Internet.

From raw wood to furniture

Each type of wood is directly delivered by European sawmills to our woodworking factory in Rijssen. We maintain a strict policy to ensure that we only purchase wood for you that is 100% guaranteed to be obtained in a responsible manner. We then dry the wood ourselves, saw it to size, colour it, sand it, brush it, and much more.

Once the wood has been processed by us, we bring it to our furniture production factory. That is where all furniture is designed, produced (in a socially responsible manner) and loaded unto our trucks, so that our drivers can make their deliveries to the store or to your front door.

Would you like to know where you can buy our products, become a retailer, or learn more about our company? One of the following staff members will be happy to speak to you!


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